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....OUT...of the EQUATION!


Better to GIVE than to RECEIVE

I am very fortunate.  Not because I have loads of  money and material goods. I am extremely fortunate and grateful that I have the heart that I do!! I'm definitely NOT perfect by any stretch of the means.  One thing I have really learned about myself is that i LOVE TO GIVE!!!! I love to take care of people.  I'm almost generous to a fault.  My generosity has definitely been taken advantage in my lifetime. It never stops me from being who I want to be.  

There is something so deeply embedded in me to serve others.  I have served others for so long and i believe it's just a part of my soul.  There is nothing wrong with SERVICE for others. I believe we are here to do so. I LOVE to make people happy and/or see people happy.   We must definitely nurture ourselves and guard our OWN hearts. However, there is definitely something to be said about looking after your "brother/sister" on earth. 

We need each other. I can be alone like anyone else...if not more... But the truth is a primal need is the need to be a part of something. Community. Friendship. Love. So many people get lost in the world trying to fill in all these voids. They end up joining a community that doesn't serve them any good...a relationship that has hindered their spirit...or a love that was so deep and is now gone--left with a big hole to fill with terrible vices.  I appreciate that there are people out in the world that God connects us to...i believe these people are meant to make a difference in your life. ..whether for a reason or a season.

Back to giving... i was a caregiver to a few elderly family members and non-family members. The one thing I learned was that in giving care to them...they were the ones that truly GAVE TO ME... I learned so much about empathy and love. I learned so much about making someone smile daily and how the simplest things can be valued so deeply. I love that. I love when you think YOU gave to someone and in turn..the TRUTH is they GAVE TO YOU! ....

....THOSE are the kind of gifts i love!! PRICELESS!


Teeeeeh heeest

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It's A Beautiful Thing

My niece is a sweetheart! She is incredibly talented and intelligent. They learned to write phonetically while they practice Read-A-Thons

I found this in one of my notebooks.

We love you too Marissa!

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Testing this App from my iPhone

How awesomely wonderful is this?! Yay! Mobile blogging it is... I need to express some shit... :-) I'm back.

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What Women LOVE in Men

1. Someone who doesn't talk too much and talk drama.  It's not like we like secrecy, but problems don't equate to happiness.  Also, it is not what you say about yourself...but what you say about others... that's how you judge a persons character.

2. TRUTH- It represents a man who is sure of himself and confident in what makes him who he is.  "Be you...not what you wish you were."

3. RESPECT- Respect for all women- no gossip or problems about other women

4. A man who respects his own priorities. Someone who is serious about where he wants to go in life.

5. CONFIDENCE- no arrogance, just someone who is comfortable in his own skin, no matter what.

6. A man who knows or has life experience and shows wisdom and maturity...

Joke of the post:

1. If men talk about their mothers, sisters, and ex girlfriends badly...then we know the same awaits us.

2. Men who talk about problems bring too much drama and baggage with them.

3. Men who cry out of fear of losing a woman are perceived as weak and emotionally insecure.  Women like strong men. We love to admire, not pity.

4. Men who talk about what is important to them constantly show insensitivity to the feelings of others and are perceived as "selfish" ... "i...i...i" "Me...me... me" ..

5. Men who cry the blues about money or victimization are seen very poorly-no confidence, weak, etc

6. Whatever negative things men do to another woman, no matter how justified, the men will be viewed as having no respect for women.

7. Men who fall in love easily are seen as "infatuated"- not level headed, flighty, not to be trusted and not grounded.

All is Love

Aaaaw man... this little clip of this song.... my niece cried to this and it touched my heart. I can't see her cry. I just know she was touched by the story. My little baby... so now? I cry too!!!

All is Love.

Drunks are NOT cute...


In a Spiritual Nutshell

I just want to say that I appreciate all different religions. If you know me, then you know I consider myself to be VERY spiritual. I don't really classify myself as RELIGIOUS per se. I have my issues with what happens in religions...not to mention HISTORY has it's place. I read the truth.

I think of each religion as a level of learning. If it allows you to develop a relationship with God...GO FOR IT! If you call Him: God, Yaweh, Allah, Buddah, Jehovah etc ... its all the same God to me. As long as you can strive to be a better person, you're alright.

I believe in service to others. We're here to love one another and work for one another. Period. There's no room for pride and all that extra hoopla that we struggle to get thru daily. Love is important and we need more of it. Love is sacrifice. Love your brothers and sisters!! We're all in the same gang...

It's a rough world.... we need to have hope and faith. I hope you all have hope and faith in SOMETHING.