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May 30th, 2010

Better to GIVE than to RECEIVE

I am very fortunate.  Not because I have loads of  money and material goods. I am extremely fortunate and grateful that I have the heart that I do!! I'm definitely NOT perfect by any stretch of the means.  One thing I have really learned about myself is that i LOVE TO GIVE!!!! I love to take care of people.  I'm almost generous to a fault.  My generosity has definitely been taken advantage in my lifetime. It never stops me from being who I want to be.  

There is something so deeply embedded in me to serve others.  I have served others for so long and i believe it's just a part of my soul.  There is nothing wrong with SERVICE for others. I believe we are here to do so. I LOVE to make people happy and/or see people happy.   We must definitely nurture ourselves and guard our OWN hearts. However, there is definitely something to be said about looking after your "brother/sister" on earth. 

We need each other. I can be alone like anyone else...if not more... But the truth is a primal need is the need to be a part of something. Community. Friendship. Love. So many people get lost in the world trying to fill in all these voids. They end up joining a community that doesn't serve them any good...a relationship that has hindered their spirit...or a love that was so deep and is now gone--left with a big hole to fill with terrible vices.  I appreciate that there are people out in the world that God connects us to...i believe these people are meant to make a difference in your life. ..whether for a reason or a season.

Back to giving... i was a caregiver to a few elderly family members and non-family members. The one thing I learned was that in giving care to them...they were the ones that truly GAVE TO ME... I learned so much about empathy and love. I learned so much about making someone smile daily and how the simplest things can be valued so deeply. I love that. I love when you think YOU gave to someone and in turn..the TRUTH is they GAVE TO YOU! ....

....THOSE are the kind of gifts i love!! PRICELESS!

....OUT...of the EQUATION!