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I'm Tired of Your Screwface!

Seriously, these social network sites are FILLED with weird people. Hell I'M weird. We've all read somewhere about Profile Pics and the message they convey. (i.e heavier women give only shoulder and up, hoochie mama's show off backside...whatever)  But what about the latest trend with women??? It's ANNOYING...i keep seeing the screwface. There is only ONE M.I.A ...she's the only girl I'd seen throwing screwfaces.
NOW? Every girl has a screwface. It's not cute! Such pretty girls with contrived screwfaces...some of these women don't even look like they BELONG with a face like that. You can tell what women think it's cool....

I'm sorry but these looks are NOT COOL (seriously, this is what y'all be lookin like):

Screwface ONE- "I'm 'DOPE, FRESH, I'm SO HIP HOP"
Stop that shit!! You all look like you are checking for broccoli in your teeth!

Screwface TWO- "I'm sexy, I'm woman, hear me roar...i'm hard and i think sexy means to flare my nostrils, pucker my lips and don't smile"

Screwface THREE- "I am cute when I smell a fart"


Mar. 22nd, 2009 04:56 am (UTC)
LMAO! "I'm cute when I smell a fart"